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international seerah conference 2020

The two-day international seerah conference ISC 2020 was held on Saturday and Sunday February 22-23, under the Faculty of Islamic Learning at the prestigious University of Karachi.
The guest of honor for the inaugural session of this conference was US Council General in Karachi Mr. Rob Silberstein. The Vice Chancellor of the University of Karachi, Khalid Mehmood Iraqi, welcomed the distinguished guest and highlighted the aims and objectives of the conference. The Council General mentioned the Fulbright Scholarship and other educational programs, while addressing the conference topic, informing Pakistani students of good educational opportunities in the United States.
Conference Secretary Professor Emeritus Dr. Abdul Rashid welcomed the participants of the conference.
Professors from Pakistan, USA, Germany, Australia, Romania, Slovakia participated in the International Tourism Conference.
On the second day of the conference, Dr. Waqar Yusuf Azeemi, Editor of Roohani Digest, presented his Lecture. The session was presided over by Dr Allama Asad Thanvi, a renowned religious scholar of Pakistan.

Some photos and videos of this event

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